Here are some commonly asked questions about life coaching, career coaching, and other coaching services. Have more? Email us at info@prosperitycoachingandconsulting.com.

How is coaching different than therapy?

As licensed clinical psychologists with Ph.D.’s, we certainly have experience with both therapy and coaching. While therapy tends to focus on processing feelings that are usually related to past or present events, coaching is more future oriented. Coaching is very solution-focused and goal-oriented, where we address goals and obstacles, then develop steps to get you from here to there. Rather than a traditional therapist role, a coach’s job is to give you tools to create your ideal life and to hold you accountable for taking those steps. We consider ourselves part task-master and part cheerleader. The accountability and clarification piece is why many people have sought our services rather than do it on their own. Everyone needs help at times–it’s a sign of strength to reach out when you need it!

Am I a good candidate for coaching?

Life/career coaching is good for many people: 1) those who have a specific goal (e.g. organize their home, write a book, get healthier, change careers, find a relationship, start their own business) but feel like they haven’t been able reach it on their own, 2) those who feel “stuck” and know they want to do something different with their life but don’t know what, 3) those who dislike their current job but don’t know what to do about it, and/or 4) those who love the process of improving their life and are seeking greater fulfillment and happiness.

Coaching is not the right fit for someone who is currently struggling with significant mental health issues, such as severe depression or crippling anxiety. Some depression and anxiety is expected if someone is not living their ideal life, but if the symptoms are severe and impacting your ability to function in the world, then you would not be in the place to get maximum benefits from coaching. Instead, we would first recommend you get therapy and/or a medication evaluation from a qualified professional, and then begin coaching once you were stable with your symptoms. Dr. Todd and Dr. Kristi do not offer therapy, but can offer general recommendations on how to find a professional in your area.

How long does coaching take?

This is another big difference between therapy and coaching. Some people have told me they were in therapy for years … years! As coaching is very goal-directed and focuses on breaking down goals into achievable action steps, it is a short-term process; however, you can take the skills you learn and apply them to any future goals in life as well. If you go to the Coaching Packages page, you’ll see that I typically see people for either 3 or 6-month packages depending on goals. Career coaching takes 3-6 months; however, someone who wants to write a book, get healthier, or has multiple goals typically sign up for the 6-month package. Some people love the benefit of having their own personal coach (such as the accountability part), and continue to want monthly “check-ins” following the completion of coaching, but that is entirely optional.

Do coaches have to be psychologists?

No, in fact, most are not. Anyone can call themselves a coach and, as of now, there are no national regulations like there are with clinical psychologists. We had to pass multiple written tests and an oral test for our psychologist licenses, and continue to get continuing education each year. The benefit to having coaches who are also clinical psychologists, aside from the years of education and experience we have, is that we are better able to address the underlying fears and obstacles that have stopped you from reaching your goals in the past…because if you’d already reached your goals, you wouldn’t be browsing here!

What if I don’t live in Denver? 

No problem. Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, aka Skype, Dr. Kristi sees clients all over the world. She sees people across the U.S., Canada, Europe, and even South Africa. Even her local clients in Denver meet with her by phone or Skype, and U.S. clients can choose meeting by phone if they prefer that over Skype (many clients say they can think better while walking around on the phone). Basically, if you desire career or life coaching, and have a decent internet connection, you are all set!

What are your qualifications?

Dr. Kristi has her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and is a licensed clinical psychologist in Colorado. She also is a Certified Professional Coach which means she has many cool letters after her name (Dr. Kristi Helvig, Ph.D., C.P.C.). Dr. Kristi has over 15+ years of experience in coaching and is currently working on a coaching workbook. As far as other areas of interest, Dr. Kristi has several published sci-fi and fantasy novels (BURN OUT series: Egmont USA/Lerner Publishing; THE WING COLLECTOR: Dark Edge Publishing) and loves speaking about nerdy things like quantum physics and time travel at conventions such as Comic Con. She loves to help coach aspiring authors. You can read about her fiction work at www.kristihelvig.com. Additionally, she is a certified Reiki Master, and is interested in how personal energy impacts one’s goals.

Dr. Todd also has his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and is a licensed clinical psychologist. Furthermore, he has worked as a director of business development for a large community mental health center, and was on the board of directors prior to that where he earned Board Member of the Year for his commitment to excellence. Through those experiences as well as serving on the Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council and working as Administrator of Community Behavioral Health Services for the State of Colorado, he honed his skills in organizational development. In terms of other interests, Dr. Todd is a singer/songwriter who has played at numerous local establishments and has put out several albums as both a solo artist and part of a band.

How expensive is coaching?

Well, it won’t be the cheapest thing you’ve ever done but the rewards are well worth it. You can check out several testimonials on the Life and Career Coaching Packages page. Also, Kristi does provide the option of session-by-session coaching, if a package is not right for you. Coaching is an investment in yourself, and we personally have found that investing ourselves has brought about the most amazing life-changing experiences. Creating your ideal career, relationship, and life, is well worth 3 to 6 months of your time…and it’s cheaper and faster than spending years and years in therapy! Plus, what is the cost of spending another month…or even year…of your life being unsatisfied and unhappy? Life is short, so make it count.

Please contact Dr. Kristi for pricing on Life or Career Coaching Packages at kristi@prosperitycoachingandconsulting.com, or Dr. Todd for Organizational Development Services at todd@prosperitycoachingandconsulting.com, or just use our contact page.