About Me

Kristi Helvig, Ph.D., CPC – Psychologist and Certified Professional Coach

Dr. Kristi med qual

Kristi Helvig is both a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Certified Life Coach. She received her Ph.D. from Nova Southeastern University where she focused on cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused techniques, and has over 15 years of experience in life and career coaching. She incorporates mindfulness training into her coaching, and is very strengths-based in her approach. Whether someone wants to change careers, become the best at the job they already have, or start their own business, career coaching helps them to develop an action-oriented plan to reach their goals. Kristi has worked with everyone from people just starting out in their careers, people getting back into the work force after a break, successful executives who realize they want to do something entirely different, or people of all ages who still don’t know what they want to be when they grow up. Outside of coaching, Kristi is also a published sci-fi author who had made many appearances at conventions such as Comic Con, and she loves living in sunny Colorado with her fabulous husband, amazing kids, and behaviorally-challenged dogs.
Through the coaching relationship, Kristi can help you turn your dreams into reality!