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Personal & Professional Excellence Accelerator

Inquire about the 90-day “Accelerator” jumpstart package today!

The “Accelerator” includes the following:

  • FREE initial consultation by phone or skype
  • Initial intensive “deep dive” into your personal and professional goals, strategies, and plan.
  • Professional evaluation and assessment tools used as needed to provide strength-based guidance.
  • Two (2) 60-minute laser focused 1-1 sessions per month by phone or skype. Sessions include personally tailored business planning, goal setting, leadership strategies for business, key performance indicators, and intensive consultation.
  • Unique to the “Accelerator” is a specific focus on game-changing business techniques. These skills are based on the research and implementation of key emotional intelligence (EI) & motivational enhancement concepts. These skills will teach clients how to break through barriers to personal and professional evolution.
  • Unlimited email support to troubleshoot and/or answer questions related to your acceleration.
  • Bonus:  3 month end-product review (by phone or skype) of transformation and accomplishments.
  • Bonus:  Personal copy of bestselling business leadership text mailed directly to you at program outset.
  • Bonus:  30-day money back guarantee.

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Other Executive Development products:

Assessing the best Executive candidates for hiring and development

As visionary administrators understand, recruiting high level talent into executive level positions and developing strong staff potential & leadership is THE MOST VALUABLE step a business can pursue. Quite simply, you want to hire the best executive team possible who can tap into the amazing potential of staff. Likewise, enlisting unqualified staff with poor leadership development is one of the most expensive and damaging choices for a business to make regardless of industry.  We know this, we’ve seen this time and time again, and it is our mission to assist visionary administrators in solidifying top notch executives at the core of their team.

Customized Package includes:

A)  Interviewing and assessing current executive level employee

B)  Interviewing prospective employees for executive level positions

C)  Assessing goodness-of-fit for prospective executive candidates which can/may include:

Assessment of professional abilities

Assessment of personality and organization fit

D)  Based on assessment measures, the recommendations we provide may include:

          Staff/Employee Development

  • Assess and develop critical thinking skills for new leaders, management, & staff
  • Recruit and mentor new hires, and those early in their careers as leaders.
  • Develop true accountability agreements that allow for growth and maximization of potential

            Professional Ability for Executive Leadership positions

  •  Identifying individuals with critical thinking skills that include advanced observation, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence while managing complexity to maximize clarity.
  •  Assess and develop critical thinking skills for Executive level staff
  •  Assess and develop emotional intelligence for executives and leadership
  •  Measure and develop interpersonal skills in management and executive decision making
  1. Executive level mentoring for both new hires and existing staff in interpersonal growth & leadership.

Spend your resources wisely.  Find the right pieces to your organizational puzzle, and move the meter from good to great!

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